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The Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (ACADA) is a collaborative SME-focused organization representing the interests of the aerospace, defence, and security industries in Atlantic Canada. ACADA is comprised of approximately 200 industry members and organizations across Atlantic Canada. 

For more than 11 years, there has been a partnership with partner provincial associations, industry members, government, and other key stakeholders to facilitate strategic industry development on behalf of the region while promoting the Atlantic Canada brand locally, nationally, and internationally.

ACADA members are delivering products and services to the global marketplace in land, and air/space domains for both commercial and defence applications.

The regional voice for Atlantic Canada's aerospace, defence, and security industries.

Our Mandate

The ACADA has a mandate to promote and facilitate the growth of our Atlantic Canadian aerospace, defence, and security industries.

The ACADA plays an important leadership role as the regional voice and facilitator for strategic industry engagement and has a proven track record as an effective vehicle for harmonizing national and global promotion and advancement of the sector in Atlantic Canada.

The organization has been an instrumental contributor to the exponential growth of the SMEs involved in the industry, growing the sector (both directly and indirectly) by 150% over the last 12 years.

Our Focus

The ACADA focuses on a number of key initiatives and priorities on behalf of our membership including:

  • Advocacy – to ensure the voice of SMEs remains prevalent with respect to industry challenges and decisions concerning policies, programs, and initiatives.
  • Collaboration – to provide a forum to facilitate collaboration amongst industry members, academia and government stakeholders.
  • Marketing/Promotion – to heighten the awareness and profile of the Atlantic Canadian industry and resident capabilities, both domestically and internationally.
  • Business Development/Supply Chain Engagement – to improve market access and growth in defence and commercial supply chains through initiatives such as international trade missions, domestic events, defence procurement industry days/tours, B2B meeting programs, etc.
  • SME Development – to address sector-specific needs and enhance the skills and competitiveness of industry members through initiatives such as information sessions, training/professional development, certification support, market research/information sharing, etc.
  • Innovation & Commercialization – to lead initiatives to enhance innovation and commercialization capacity in the region by facilitating R&D investments, academia-industry partnerships, commercialization of start-ups, etc.

The Atlantic Canada Mission to I/ITSEC 2015 may have been the best year in terms of visitors and activities at the booth. The camaraderie and general willingness by all in attendance to support one another in my opinion made our booth one of the more community based cohesive stops for visitors and potential clients. -- I/ITSEC 2015 Mission Participant

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