On June 1st, 2016 the MET team will host its first MET Atlantic Conference/Career Connect (Job Fair) in Halifax at the World Trade & Convention Centre with the aim of connecting military talent to the private sector. As an Atlantic Canadian employer we hope you can join us for this important event and also become a Certified Military Friendly Employer Partner with MET in the process! More details on the event can be found on the Canada Company MET website at https://www.canadacompany.ca/canadacompany/met/en/index.jsp

Established in 2006, Canada Company (www.canadacompany.ca) is a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military.  Canada Company initiated the Military Employment Transition (MET) Program in 2012 in collaboration with the Department of National Defence to address the challenges that many Canadian Armed Forces members encounter when navigating their transition from a military to civilian career, and to also assist serving Reservists in solidifying viable civilian opportunities so they can continue to serve in uniform part-time.  In addition, recently, MET has launched a military spouse program, called METSpouse to enable employment options and support mobility of the military family unit through the same network of employers.

The resulting effect is that the MET Program offers to its already extensive and continually expanding network of “Certified Military Friendly Employer Partners” access to a virtually untapped pool of outstanding professional talent, coming from both the Regular and Reserve components, as well as the spousal community. The mandate of the program is to establish, foster, and drive the connection and relationship between Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and military spouses and the leaders in the public and private sector who will offer employment opportunities.   In essence, the MET Program provides a “one-stop shop” for transitioning Regular, Reserve Force members, and Veterans for assistance with everything from their resumes, to access to you and your employment opportunities.

An exciting initiative ongoing right now for the MET Program is the broadening of the network of Employer Partners to include more companies and organizations that have their primary base of operations in Atlantic Canada. With an extremely large number of military personnel, both active and retired resident across all of the Atlantic provinces, private sector organizations stand to benefit greatly from the talent that these individuals can bring to their business.  

If you wish to contact a Canada Company representative directly you can do so by email nathalie.drake@canadacompany.ca or  kevin.cameron@canadacompany.ca. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!