The University of Prince Edward Island's School of Sustainable Design Engineering is hosting an Industry Engagement Day on Friday, September 29, 2017.  The main purpose is to engage industry, government and community partners in a conversation about the next focus area for the school.


To give our partners the opportunity to provide input and recommendations on the next focus area for the school and to provide an update on SSDE activities.


It is with great excitement and pride that the UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering announces our keynote speaker for our upcoming Industry Engagement Day on Friday the 29th of Sep 2017. Commander Michele Tessier the first Commanding Officer of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Margaret Brooke, the Royal Canadian Navy’s second Harry DeWolf-Class Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessel. Commander Tessier is a groundbreaking Naval Officer and genuine leader who knows first-hand the importance of actively listening and then engaging. This dovetails perfectly into the School of Sustainable Design Engineering's focus on the 29th of September which is to actively listen to our Industry, Community, Government, and Academic partners and then move forward on the next steps of our journey.

Please join us for this important day and meet a Canadian who truly puts service before self.


900 - Introduction: Update on SSDE activities, meet new faculty and learn about exciting areas of research

1000 - The next focus area of the school from our perspective

1020 - Obtain feedback and recommendations from partners on the next focus area for the school - we want your input!

1200 - Lunch

1300 - Keynote Speaker

1330 - Tours of the facility

1430 - Conclusion


Please RSVP to Lisa Sanderson at