Safety Culture Works to Your Advantage  

Why attend?

The intent of the Safety Culture Workshop is to provide attendees with a range of topics that have measurable impacts on an organization’s Safety Culture, resulting in many benefits and a competitive edge. 

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Registration for ACADA Members is $35 - The Non Member rate is $50

You will hear topics from the course discussed during presentations, including:

What is Safety Culture?

o  Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices

o  Everyone wants to go to work, do their job well and get home safe

o  Be proactive about safety

o  Know the laws and best practices

o  Internal Responsibility System (IRS)

Employee Rights & Responsibilities

o  Basic Safety Rights

o  The Right to Know

o  The Right to Participate

o  The Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

o  Legal requirement to inform of potential hazards

o  Responsibility to protect your own safety, and that of others

o  Protective equipment

Identifying and Addressing Hazards

o  Physical Safety and Mental Health

o  Mental Health hazards

o  Physical Safety hazards

o  Eliminating or mitigating hazards

o  Safety Culture benefits

Employer Responsibilities

o  Managers and Supervisors have the same responsibilities as Employers

o  Informing workers of potential hazards

o  Potential results of being non-compliant with the law

o  Legal obligation to inspect and assess the workplace

Safety Culture 100 lays the foundation for a strong and sustainable Safety Culture.

Attending the workshop will gain you access to the following:

  •  Complimentary login to the award-winning Safety Culture 100 online course (Physical Safety & Mental Health).
  • A complimentary trial user licence and demonstration of the cutting edge new App – “SafetyCheck” which digitizes safety risk assessments into smart phone technology to engage the next generation.
  • A complimentary login to the Marijuana Legalization & Workplace Safety 900 Series online course (cover your OHS “Right to Know” due diligence).

Marijuana Legalization & Workplace Safety

Safety Culture Works Program

Remember, everyone wants to go to work, do their job well and get home safe.

Individuals will garner a considerable amount of value by acquiring a comprehensive review of the approach and resources necessary to create/maintain or elevate and enhance a strong and sustainable Safety Culture.

Demo of Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)