The competition to launch the future fighter procurement was officially launched by Ministers on December 12, 2017. ISED has developed an industry engagement strategy to ensure continuous two-way dialogue with Canadian stakeholders, both with industry and potential research/innovation partners on the ITB Policy, including Value Proposition.

The first step in this plan was the Future Fighter Industry Day on January 22, 2018 in Ottawa for potential bidders and their partners, as well as Canadian industry: general information can be found on the following link -

In adition to the Ottawa based engagement, the Government is proposing to undertake six (6) cross-Canada ITB/VP Fighter tegional forums this April. Given the size of the project, and the number of aerospace and defence firms across Canada, they want to provide all companies with the opportunity to provide their views on the development of the ITB/VP approach. They may aslo look to host a B2B session at these events (tbd).  The venue for the Atlantic session is Halifax.

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