The NCI Agency and the Association for Communications, Electronics and Information Systems (AFCEA) invite you to the 2018 NCI Agency Industry Conference and AFCEA TechNet International (NITEC 18) "NATO's Digital Endeavour: Expanding the Ecosystem." Organised in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Defence,

NITEC 18 will be held in Berlin, Germany from 22-24 May 2018 and will bring together over 600 senior government, military and industry leaders, as well as defence and security experts. NITEC 18 will offer a unique opportunity to learn about NATO's digital enterprise and discuss how NATO and industry can collaborate to leverage new-generation information technologies to advance the Alliance forward into a secure digital enterprise.

The conference programme will feature interactive events to connect NATO, Allies, entrepreneurs, SME's, tech start-ups, commercial technology companies and other technology hubs across the Alliance in order to increase NATO's access to leading edge commercial technologies and technical talent.

The Agency's lead for this matter is Mr Michal Olejarnik, Head, Strategic Communications and Partnership Office, tel. +32 2 707 8440, e-mail