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Defence & Security / Space Day



Despite the exceptional situation we are experiencing in the industry, major defense acquisition projects are staying on course and more than 40 GCAD contracts will be awarded in Canada over the next 3 years. 

Innovation is an essential element to enable defense aerospace companies to take advantage of the RIT policy and position themselves in the supply chains of major contractors.

This event will provide a detailed overview of several aspects of innovation in the defense sector. The B2B / B2G sessions in the afternoon will allow you to meet the principals and representatives of the Government of Canada in connection with these major acquisition projects.


Faced with the acceleration of innovation to meet the challenges of environmental change and sustainable development, the space sector plays an essential driving role and is experiencing significant growth in its applications. Given the preponderant place that this sector occupies in international cooperation, space innovations are now part of our daily lives and continue to create opportunities for the appearance of new players. Thus, the development of good governance tools, powered by space technologies, provides effective solutions for measuring climate change, resource management, or even crisis management to ensure the safety of populations.

This day will be an opportunity to study how innovations with space applications play a key role in protecting populations from climate change and their impacts, and how to increase the economic benefits derived from space for the benefit of populations and of sustainable development. Experts and players in the development of these technologies will discuss the driving role of the space sector in terms of sustainable development and how to maximize their applications and thus create new opportunities for companies and States.

You will also be able to meet in the B2B / B2G format in the morning with prime contractors and service providers from the Canadian and international space sector.

Target audiences:

The event is aimed at all players in the space, defense and cybersecurity industry in Quebec and Canada.