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Retention and Workplace Culture with MC Advisory

Join the experts at MC Advisory for the final course in ACADA’s 2023-24 HR Essentials program!

In a competitive labour market, it has never been more important to understand your culture and how that culture is contributing to your ability to recruit and retain top talent (and impact your bottom line). Although we sometimes have a difficult time defining ‘culture’; it is easy to describe how it feels. We will build our collective understanding of culture together through reflecting on our own history and what makes us great, exploring various world views, analyzing leading organizations, and describing our own barriers to an optimum culture. 

This 1.5-hour virtual session, Tanya Tynski will share her knowledge and experience as a Culture Transformation Leader. Much of this work is introspective – requiring us, and SME leaders, to dig deep and reflect on how we show up as leaders to enable the required culture shift in our workplaces. During this course we will discuss the relationship between leaders and employees, inclusive workplaces, and values-based leadership. We will examine some external impacts on retention such as market conditions and the gig economy. As well we will examine some internal impacts such as a successful onboarding process and measuring (and action on) employee engagement. 

The goal of this course is to provide participants with practical strategies to create a more engaged and committed workforce, with a renewed focus on delivering the highest level of service. With a philosophy of when people thrive – businesses thrive, this course will lead to improved recruitment and retention, culture clarity and top performance. 


  • Workplace Culture, what is it and how do you define it? 
  • The importance of onboarding 
  • Market conditions 
  • Values based leadership 
  • How to measure culture 
  • Creating an inclusive workplace 
  • Tips for retention 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand organizational culture and how it relates to performance 
  • Explore the role leaders play in organizational culture 
  • Describe practical steps that can be taken to improve culture and employee retention 
  • Create a retention strategy for your workplace 

Our Expert Facilitator:

Tanya Tynski
Senior Advisor, Practice Lead, People & Culture

Tanya came to MC Advisory (MCA) with extensive knowledge and understanding in all areas of human resource management both at the strategic and operational levels. In her last role as Executive Director of Human Resources and Pharmacare for Health PEI, she was responsible for leading strategic human resource and pharmacare initiatives and best practices for the province’s largest employer. She also provided leadership for HR with the Department of Education and Early Child Development for the province of Prince Edward Island. Tanya is a lecturer at Dalhousie University and has taught for seven years at the New Brunswick Community College.

Tanya’s focus on results led to a track record as a highly capable change agent, and a forward-thinking leader, and she has become well-respected for her ability to understand the organizational strategic direction and operationalize it on the front line. She values relationships built on trust and integrity through fostering transparency and engagement.

In her studies through Royal Roads University, Tanya has learned to use large scale data collection methods, as well as extensive analytics resulting in evidenced based system improvements. With a people first approach, Tanya is recognized as a trusted advisor by her private and public sector clients.

SME Pairings: 

Each Course in the Program consists of a virtual learning session/workshop, followed by one-on-one consulting support provided by the Project Consultant. In this case, we are pairing MC Advisory with up to three (3) SMEs, cost-shared between ACADA and the selected members. To be eligible for consulting support, the applicant must either attend or view the workshop. Applications will open following course delivery on September 20, 2023.