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ACADA Immigration Navigator Program – Information Session

Interested in learning more about ACADA’s new Immigration Navigator Program? Learn more in this information session with McInnes Cooper.

Have you heard about ACADA’s NEW Signature Program – The Immigration Navigator Program? ACADA has partnered with McInnes Cooper to bring this cost-shared opportunity to Atlantic Canadian aerospace, defence and security companies.

David Nurse, Counsel at McInnes Cooper, will be leading this information session and will be ready to answer any questions you may have about the program. He will provide an overview of the program and services offered and open the floor up to questions at the end.

If you think your company may be interested in the Immigration Navigator Program, we encourage you to participate in this information session to learn more.

Program Information:

ACADA in collaboration with Atlantic Canadian law firm, McInnes Cooper, is offering a cost-shared opportunity to access the expertise of their immigration advisory services. Working in partnership with McInnes Cooper, we have laid out the pathway to grow your talent pipeline. Industry financial support for McInnes Cooper’s immigration services can be accessed until fiscal year-end March 31, 2022.

NOTE: These services, in both official languages, are available on a first come, first served basis.

McInnes Cooper will work with interested companies on a one-on-one basis. Including:

Initial consultation to understand the needs of your company

Guiding your company through the immigration strategy development process

Assisting your company with completing the recommended immigration application, such as a Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”), a work permit application, or a permanent residence application

The initial consultation is a fixed cost, while the remainder of the process will be determined by the level of service recommended. Your company could potentially receive up to a 50% discounted service rate.




Companies interested in the ACADA Immigration Navigator Program must apply directly to Catherine MacDonald, Manager of Membership and Stakeholder Engagement –