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StandardAero: Cleaner, Parts I

Last Updated: Juin 22nd, 2022


General Accountability

Reports Directly To:      Leader, Production Cell
Reports Functionally To:      Vice President, Operations

Performs chemical and mechanical cleaning of parts and other metal products by hand, solvent bath or other processes to remove unwanted materials.  Cross trains in other complementary skills as needed to support production requirements.

Direct Reports Include:      N/A

Immune Specific Accountabilities

  • Recognizes and understands flight/product safety critical parts and processes.
  • Responsible for immediately reporting flight/product safety concerns.
  • Participates in proactive risk analysis of flight/product safety critical parts and processes.
  • Recognizes and understands the Just Culture policy.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Operates metal cleaning equipment such as vapour blasters, wheelabrators, deburrers and blast cabinets using a variety of blast media to remove excess welds, rust, scale and other material from surfaces of metal parts, castings and other metal products.
  • Performs in process cleaning, air drying and buffing.
  • Identifies and segregates ferrous, non-ferrous and titanium parts for specific cleaning processes.
  • Immerses metal products in chemical cleaning and stripping solutions.
  • Performs mechanical cleaning of parts such as grit blasting, vapour blasting and glass beading.
  • Prepares and masks surfaces prior to cleaning.
  • Prepares parts for non-destructive testing.
  • Cleans and maintains cleaning tanks and equipment; monitors chemicals through titration checks.
  • Participates in continuous improvement of cell processes.
  • Cross trains in other complementary skills and seeks endorsements for those skills as needed to support production requirements.
  • Moves between production assignments that utilize multiple skills endorsements as needed to support production requirements.
  • Participates in the cross training of other technicians as needed to support production requirements.
  • Responsible for observing all applicable safety requirements and reporting immediately any unsafe practices/conditions.
  • Carries out other duties as assigned.

Technical Requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Thorough knowledge of titrating chemicals.
  • Working knowledge of material safety data sheets and the handling of hazardous materials/chemicals.
  • Working knowledge of related company instructions, company processes, MSDS labels and original equipment manufacturer manuals for cleaning and related processes.
  • Working knowledge of production management computer systems.
  • Regularly required to stand for prolonged periods.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds (unassisted) for approximately 75% of the average work day.
  • Background Information

The typical minimum level of education to perform this job competently is equivalent to high school completion or equivalent to high school completion with specialized training.  The person can read text of medium difficulty requiring an understanding of basic concepts.  He/she may be expected to write text intended to communicate non-technical information and, display command of spelling, grammar, punctuation and basic composition.  People working at this level can be required to have certain specialized skills, and be able to comprehend somewhat complicated procedures.

Directly/indirectly related work experience representing continuous learning and required for someone to perform this job competently is six months to one year.

Ongoing work assignments typically have clearly defined goals.  The incumbent’s education, training, and previous experience ensure work assignments are successfully carried out because he/she understands what is expected, as well as the best approach to take.


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