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CCAA Careers in Aviation & Aerospace Handbook

Last Updated: Déc 2nd, 2021

Today’s aviation maintenance and aerospace industry hold a wealth of opportunity as it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Canada and the world. Despite our relatively small economy (in global terms), the Canadian aerospace industry ranks among the top five in the world and has job opportunities that are among the most exciting, interesting, and challenging careers out there.

The range of knowledge needed to design, build and keep these high-speed machines safely in the air is vast, employing engineers, designers, technicians, mechanics, machinists, technologists, and inspectors who may specialize in physics, chemistry, hydraulics, pneumatics, metallurgy, welding, avionics, composites, gas dynamics, and microelectronics—just to name a few.

The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace, has created this guide in order to outline the many careers available in aviation and aerospace. Take a look and maybe you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for: a promising future that soars …