The MACH Excellence Framework prioritizes three fundamental levers for improving a supplier's competitiveness:


Lever one focuses on building a leadership program to support the continued growth and innovation of the organizations operations. Lever one will support:

1.1 – Strategic Planning & Positioning
1.2 – Performance & Management Systems
1.3 – Project & Risk Management Systems
1.4 – Innovation
1.5 – Corporate Social Responsibility
1.6 – Digital Technologies Governance & Management


Lever two will focus on the planning and developing of your workforce to support increased job satisfaction and improved operational productivity and sustainability. Lever two will support:

2.1 – Workforce Planning
2.2 – Hiring, Workforce Mobilization & Management
2.3 – Workforce Training
2.4 – Individual Performance Evaluation


Lever three will focus on the continuous improvement of quality management of your organization’s operations. Lever three will support:

3.1 – Supply Chain Management
3.2 – Customer Relationship Management
3.3 – Manufacturing Control & Management
3.4 – Continual Improvement
3.5 – Engineering Methods & New Product/Program introduction
3.6 – Quality Management

Increased Market Visibility

MACH is an internationally recognized and trusted rating system, allowing manufacturers and maintenance repair organizations demonstrate to current and potential prospects that their operational and business practices are a cut above.

MACH has been running in Canada for 11 years now and has recently expanded to Belgium. The program is recognized by some of the largest players in the Aerospace and Defence industry.

Each participant will be awarded a MACH Performance Label from 1 to 5 based on the results of the MACH audit. The MACH performance label will quickly and clearly provide increased visibility and recognition for Atlantic suppliers. This will demonstrate to prospective primes and OEMs that they are world class suppliers.

Fortified Customer-Supplier Relationships

Each supplier that participates in the MACH initiative will be accompanied in its efforts by a customer, its sponsor.

Each program participant selects a sponsor they have an existing business relationship with to sponsor and mentor them through the improvement cycle.

This fosters a special collaborative relationship between customers and suppliers that focuses on sharing of expertise and strategic information to increase pro-activity and innovation.

  • The sponsor will provide in-kind support during the whole process with:
  • Mentoring of business practices.
  • Selection of strategic innovation projects and upskilling to align with customer goals.
  • Training & support implementing strategic innovation projects and upskilling.

A better alignment between primes and suppliers will inevitably result in the enhanced performance of the Atlantic Canadian aerospace & defence supply chain. Strengthening these relationships and strategic goals can help solidify the customer/ supplier relationships in order to provide sustainability of the market.

Progressive Maturity Model

The MACH Atlantic program guides each supplier through the progressive maturity model focusing on upskilling employees, and strategic innovation in line with the goals of the supplier’s direct customers.

There are 5 levels in the path to becoming a world-class A&D supplier.

  • MACH 1 – Understanding
  • MACH 2 – Committing
  • MACH 3 – Implementing
  • MACH 4 – Achieving
  • MACH 5 – Enforcing

The MACH Excellence Framework aims to identify a supplier’s critical path for continuous improvement as well as to enhance the know-how and skills of its workforce to sustainably increase the company’s competitiveness.

Government Grants and Subsidies

The MACH Performance Audit will help organizations identify their critical path for progressive and continuous improvement in business operations and workforce development.

After the strategic innovation and workforce development plans are created, ACADA will work directly with the supplier to identify all government grants and subsidies to allocate towards recommended projects and training programs.

Participants will receive some subsidies directly from ACADA and others from external Federal and Provincial Government agencies to support project and program implementation.

Grants and subsidies will vary depending on the province the organization resides. Please contact ACADA for more information on eligible project and programs @

MACH Atlantic Eligibility

The MACH program was designed for manufacturing and maintenance repair organizations in the Aerospace and Defence sector.

In order to qualify for MACH Atlantic participation, your organization must have:

  • Manufacturing or maintenance repair operations in Atlantic Canada
  • Have at least 30% of sales come from manufacturing or maintenance repair operations in Atlantic Canada.
  • An organization willing to serve as your Sponsor (mentor) with whom you have a direct customer relationship with.

The MACH Process

The MACH Atlantic process consists of seven steps that are executed over a 12-to-14-month cycle.

  1. The first step in the MACH Atlantic procedure is to identify and gain agreement of the in-kind sponsorship of one of the participants customers. The Sponsor will mentor you through the MACH process.
  2. The second step of the MACH Atlantic process is to perform the MACH Excellence Audit. Providing a current state of maturity based on the sector benchmarks.
  3. The third step provides your organization with a gap assessment report, detailing which MACH level your organization is awarded and recommendations on how to get to the next level of maturity.
  4. The fourth step of the process is the organization being awarded the MACH Performance Label. ACADA will add the supplier’s profile to the MACH Atlantic webpage, with bio, contact information and MACH performance label.
  5. The fifth step of the MACH process involves the creation of a strategic improvement and workforce development strategy. Based on the MACH audit recommendations and working closely with your Sponsor you will decide which projects to include in this improvement cycle.
  6. The sixth step includes the review and approval of qualified projects for government grants, subsidies and in-kind contributions. ACADA will work closely with you to ensure to help identify all government grants, support, and subsidies to allocate towards recommended projects and training programs.
  7. The seventh step in the MACH process is the execution of approved improvement and workforce development projects. After projects have been started, a mid-term review will be scheduled to ensure that all projects are progressing according to the allowed timeline. At the end of the cycle, there is a validation step to confirm that everything has been completed and that the supplier may begin the next cycle.

Cohort 1

This first cycle of the MACH Atlantic initiative will focus on 10 ACADA member organizations and will consist of fixed-rate pricing.

We are launching registration for Cohort one now!

Cohort 1

Space is limited – Only 10 organizations will be accepted in the first cohort.

  • Cohort one will have reduced pricing – future cohorts, pricing will be based on the size of the organization.
  • Secure your space now!
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Cohort 2

Registration for Cohort two will be open after Cohort one has entered their first improvement cycle.

Cohort 2
  • Space is limited –10 to 15 organizations will be accepted in this cohort.
  • Secure your space now!

MACH Atlantic Participants Guide

This document is primarily intended for suppliers interested in joining Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association’s MACH Atlantic initiative, and for their customers who want to accompany them in this effort as a sponsor.

This manual will first briefly describe ACADA, the Atlantic aerospace and defence cluster, then present the MACH initiative in support of the Atlantic Canada supply chain and explain the roles and responsibilities of the supplier and sponsor toward all stakeholders of the initiative.

Finally, it will describe the steps to be taken by a supplier and mentor participating.

Download the Guide

Watch the MACH Atlantic Info Session – June 2022

In case you missed it, ACADA held a MACH Atlantic information session in June to provide further information on this exciting new program. We had the unique opportunity to hear from the program developer and a MACH participant organization.

Tune in to learn more.

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MACH Atlantic Application Form

Complete the application form to be considered for the MACH Atlantic cohort and start your path to becoming a world-class supplier!

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What/who is a sponsor?

A Sponsor organization is a company that has current business relationships with Atlantic Canadian manufacturers and/or Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs), that is eager to foster the growth of these organizations in the form of in-kind mentorship as they progress through the MACH Atlantic progressive maturity model.

Sponsors have:

  • An existing business relationship with Atlantic Canadian manufacturers and/or MROs
  • An interest in developing a long-term commitment that fosters progressive maturity of their supply chain and the growth of the sector.
  • An interest in playing a value-added role in the improvement plan, both in terms of planning and in implementation.

Some essential qualities of the sponsor:

  • Openness and a willingness to share knowledge.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • An interest in helping the supplier expand or develop.
  • A willingness and ability to give critical feedback on the actions of the supplier.

Why Sponsor?

MACH has been running in Canada for over 11 years now and is fast becoming the industry benchmark for the Aerospace and Defence sector.

The MACH Atlantic program will help maximize the potential of your Atlantic Canadian supply chain.

The MACH Atlantic initiative can help you develop a sustainable and reliable supply chain while:

  • Enhancing strategic alignment
  • Improving communication, transparency, and collaboration
  • Improving efficiency and simplicity
  • Fostering Innovation

Contact us today to learn how your critical Atlantic Canadian suppliers can secure a spot in this progressive maturity program!

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