B-Line is a workplace management and security platform that offers digitized contact tracing and access cards, flex management, spatial utilization analytics, and more, all in one platform. As a turn-key solution interior positioning system, B-Line helps asset managers better manage the new normal of hybrid workplaces while optimizing the health, safety, and security of building occupants. Tenants are also able to instantly communicate directly with building managers through real-time messaging and in-app surveys to ensure occupant satisfaction and confidence in the safety of their workplace.

Beyond the data needed for enhanced security and occupational health and safety, B-Line enhances a facility’s operations and helps to reimagine workplaces with real-time spatial utilization data to optimize facilities and increase our client’s bottom line.

Product Services

– Building access control and interior positioning system
– Contact tracing, capacity monitoring, and emergency alert platform
– Predictive analytics and outbreak assessment tool
– Mobile meeting and room booking
– Real-time spatial usage and optimization
– Parking and transportation demand management