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CORVUS is a Canadian-based SMB established in 2019 with the goal of offering global markets with an exceptional utility aircraft, purpose-designed for the specialised needs of the Professional Aerial Agriculture and Firefighting communities. CORVUS will build on highly-optimised and well-proven designs to provide industry-beating safety and efficiency, in the most modern, affordable, and easiest-to-fly aircraft in its class.

Backed by a Canadian supply chain stretching from coast to coast, with a clear focus on Atlantic Canada, CORVUS aims to be a leading global manufacturer of high-performance utility aircraft for aerial firefighting, agriculture, and other emerging applications.

CORVUS will provide our new aircraft and supporting services to operators and leasing companies throughout the world. With one of the largest payload-to-empty weight ratios and lowest cost of ownership in its class, our aircraft is ideal to meet the needs of many niche markets, primarily:

– Aerial Agricultural Services: Class-leading aerodynamics and low-speed performance for aerial fertilising, seeding, and control of pests, diseases, and invasive species in crops and timber; and,
– Aerial Firefighting: A highly ruggedised Single-Engine Air Tanker (“SEAT”), providing rapid-response tactical fire suppression through precise delivery of large volumes of water, foam or fire-retardant, as well as command and control roles, and protection of ground crew and property.

Our additional markets include:
– Interdiction: Area treatments for control of drug crops, plague, mosquitos, locusts, and clean-up of oil and chemical spills
– Sensor Platform: Reconnaissance, border surveillance
– Cargo Ferrying: Delivering fuel, water, and other liquid supplies to remote locations
– New and Developing Applications: Such as cloud seeding to aid localised drought conditions