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With more than 20 years of North Atlantic offshore and harsh environment experience, Cougar Helicopters operates a fleet of modern Sikorsky S92 helicopters in support of offshore passenger transportation and search and rescue (SAR) roles.  Cougar’s fleet of S92 helicopters is configured with technological advancements that include real-time position monitoring, flight data monitoring equipment and onboard system health and monitoring that allows us to download and analyze data after every flight.  Cougar Helicopters operates from state-of-the-art heliport facilities including a dedicated SAR facility to maintain a proven 24/7/365 response SAR posture of being airborne within 20 minutes.

Flight crews receive training at a world-class fully certified night vision goggle-capable flight simulator located in Newfoundland & Labrador.  Local access to the flight simulator allows crews to maintain a training regime and standard that far exceeds the industry standard.

As a result of our proactive approach to the advancement of flight safety which is integrated within the company-wide Safety Management System, Cougar Helicopters is a recognized and respected leader among helicopter operators throughout the industry.