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Since 2009 we have pursued our mission to improve mariners’ access to marine and subsea environmental data. Our focus is on underwater acoustic technology for the marine and subsea industries. We recently expanded our activity into high-tech marine lighting.
eSonar improves access to subsea environmental data with advanced sonar and underwater acoustics knowledge to help improve the fishing success rate for targeted species while protecting endangered marine mammals, saving fuel, and reducing time spent trawling with real-time monitored gear. Our knowledge-based products are used by fisheries scientists and fishing companies in the USA, Canada and internationally. We provide real-time information on the trawl and seine deployment—shape, depth and catch rate plus more specific data such as water temperature, angular data, and sonar around the deployed position.

Our team of sonar engineers and signal-processing experts engage in continuous R&D with an aim to add new capabilities and improve our products in response to the changing needs of our customers. Applying our knowledge of advanced underwater acoustics technology, eSonar provides solutions for the challenges of operating subsea equipment such as trawls, acoustic releases, and monitoring buoys.

We work closely with researchers at Memorial University in St. John’s NL to design and develop technological solutions for industry-specific applications and for cross-industry applications such as autonomous underwater vehicle navigation. We work directly with the fishing industry. We work with shipboard marine industries. We work with offshore oil and gas. And we work with the aquaculture industry.