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Fire Protection: We are capable of providing firefighting services to jurisdictions across North America. Our Air Tractor AT-802Fs can be used to contain spot fires, cool hot spots, and create retardant fire breaks in areas where it may be difficult or unsafe to have people and heavy equipment working. With our aerial fire teams, consisting of three tankers, one bird dog, and one other support aircraft, we carry loading staff, equipment, and licensed maintenance staff to minimize downtime. Our objective is to have aircraft over a fire within 30 minutes after takeoff.
Pest and Vegetation Management: Occasionally damage caused by forest insect pests rise to levels that threaten the health of our forests and impacts the sustainability of local economies. We are able to provide turnkey aerial application services in support of pest management programs. Since our inception we have been a leader in aerial forest pest management. Our commercial efforts and in-house research have pioneered many of the technologies that are now considered industry standard. On the ground, our team collaborates with customers in project planning. When deployed we manage large-scale operations using both chemicals and biologicals from multiple bases. We’ve treated in excess of 1.2M acres over the last six years. In the air, our fleet of nine multi-role fixed-wing, aircraft can be configured for ultra-low volume applications. Our drift reduction technology provides our customers reassurance that product is used cost-effectively while the public can be confident that treatments are on-target.

  • Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization
  • Transport Canada Approved 702 Air Operations Certificate (Aerial Work Operator)