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Global Intelligence was founded to provide high value cyber intelligence to law enforcement criminal investigations. Through our flagship solution Cybercheck Case, we are able to help solve major crime cases and bring victims and families closure. Cybercheck Case is also very relevant for government entities seeking to augment their intelligence toolkit for use cases in countering organized crime, espionage, and terrorism.

Developed by data intelligence experts, our proprietary AI based technology is rooted in 10 years of deep machine learning. We perform powerful open-source intelligence gathering and correlation of data across the surface, deep, and dark web. From this vast data set we surface high quality intelligence to efficiently resolve investigations.

Seeing the impact of our technology in criminal investigations, we have adapted it for government agencies and corporate enterprises. Cybercheck Detect is a powerful solution providing specific and relevant deep and dark web threat intelligence to organizations in real time, acting as an early warning system for cyber attacks and compromise, even while they are still in their staging phase.