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JASCO Applied Sciences has its origins in defence. Founded in 1981, the company has a long history of providing underwater acoustic systems and analytical services to defence organizations. Our expert team can assist clients with prediction and evaluation of sonar systems performance, assessment of vessel vulnerability to acoustic detection, and effective advice on mitigating the environmental impact of naval operations. Defence R&D organizations worldwide utilize our instrumentation and expertise in support of their initiatives, and task us to perform noise measurements (sound ranging) on naval vessels. We collaborate with major defence prime contractors by supplying and customizing software for detection, classification, and localization of underwater sounds of interest to national security organizations.

Our recent acquisition of DW-ShipConsult (www.dw-sc.de) adds a team of 10 Naval Architects working on projects of all sizes to reduce unwanted noise on ships, in the oceans and in ports. DW-ShipConsult’s defining expertise is a deep understanding of the noise generating and propagating mechanisms on board and surrounding a ship. This enables the JASCO team to help design new vessels compliant with the highest acoustics standards and to solve complex problems of noise or vibration on existing ones.

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