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Since 1985, Parlee Manufacturing Company Ltd. has been manufacturing quality, functional, durable Canadian made products. A locally owned, independent small business operating from our shop in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, we have been fabricating a variety of products over the years, evolving to be responsive to opportunities and providing specialized solutions for customers across Canada.

Many have come to know us for our backpacks, safety, and outdoor sporting equipment, but over the past decade, Parlee Manufacturing has evolved our product line, becoming a preferred supplier of medical equipment packs and bags for several provincial EMS organizations and a growing list of agencies and departments within and outside of the province.

Parlee Manufacturing has a solid reputation in this specific area of expertise and service. Manufactured on site, our products are designed to be flexible and modular, making them easily customizable to meet our clients’ unique needs, with specifications that meet – or exceed – specific trade requirements and standards (ie: 10G restraints on packs where required). Our company creates solutions by working closely with, and in response to, the crews and operators who are using these products daily.

Developed and tested in consultation with customers, we’ve proudly launched our newest, most unique product, the Parlee VIP (Versatile Integrated Pack) System. This pack system is a model of organized efficiency with customizable configuration, easily integrated modules, and boasts extreme durability.​
Our new Parlee VIP System may not sound exciting to the general public – but in an emergency situation, to an emergency responder, who may be coming to the aid of another, it could mean life or death.

Bearing his family name, Glenn Parlee takes particular pride in Parlee Manufacturing, not only in the quality of the products themselves, but just as important, the team who makes these products. Joined by his wife, Kathi, and their production team, this is a long-standing family business.

Building on their experience, pride in products and a track record that distinguishes them from their competitors, Glenn invites you to explore the Parlee product line, and if you require any assistance in determining what packs and components might works best for your unique situation, contact us and we will work with you to determine the best pack solution for you.