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WarrierTech’s Satelligent product line designs and manufactures innovative, value-added Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and personal communication products. We develop data communication and telemetry products, which are used globally in a multitude of applications such as educational research, industrial controls and monitoring, high-value asset tracking and remote area communications.
Our products serve multiple industries, including maritime, oil & gas exploration, heavy industry, transportation, aerospace, emergency services, military and government. SATELLIGENT’s products offer the flexibility of an array of data communication options such as terrestrial, satellite and even wired telemetry.
In addition to our line of off-the-shelf products, at SATELLIGENT, we collaborate and share our engineering expertise with our customers to develop application specific products to suit their requirements. Our hallmarks of high quality and reliability, vast technical knowledge and great support make SATELLIGENT an ideal partner for all your data gathering and communication needs.