Avalon Holographics is developing the world’s first “true 3D holographic/light field displays for the defence and aerospace sector. The displays will revolutionize the way warfighters (users) view and interact with complex 3D and multi-dimensional information like battlespace visual information, ISR information from cameras and sensors, output from data fusion applications and design models from 3D modeling tools such as Ship Constructor. Avalon's advanced displays will be an effective tool for visualizing 3D and multi-dimensional images, animations and video with depth and spatial characteristics, as if viewed “through a window”. Individual users and/or groups will not require head mounted equipment or glasses, and will experience 3D without the physical effects of using virtual reality display devices.

Avalon Holographics has operational prototype displays available for testing and evaluation.

Based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Avalon Holographics is a Canadian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) founded in 2015 by Wally Haas. Wally’s background in optics, photonics, networking and semiconductors was instrumental in developing the world’s first 40 Gigabit Optical Transport Network (OTN) software and later, the world’s first 100 Gigabit OTN software. That development led to the growth and eventual acquisition of his previous company, Avalon Microelectronics, by Altera (now Intel).

Principal Products/Services
3D Holographic/light field Displays for use in defence and aerospace. Display systems will consist of an application PC and holographic computer (holographic rendering system) and flat panel displays. Display specifications will be customizable for applications in training/simulation and operations.