Charlo Airport is located at Charlo, New Brunswick, Canada and serves a large portion of northern New Brunswick and the south shore of Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula. Charlo Regional Airport Authority, the not-for-profit owner and operator of Charlo Airport, is under the direction of a thirteen member volunteer Board of Directors.

On a larger scale, the Charlo Regional Airport Authority views its role as a key facilitator in linking the economic needs and growth opportunities of northeastern New Brunswick with various business activities of the air transportation community. The Charlo Regional Airport Authority also believes its role as a catalyst in regional economic development being complementary and concurrent to other regional development programs.

This is made possible through the Charlo Regional Airport Authority's direct involvement with transportation, industry contacts and its ability to work effectively as a service provider to both the marketplace and transportation companies.

Charlo Airport features an 1,800 meter (6000 foot) runway capable of accommodating flights ranging from small General Aviation aircraft to corporate and mid sized jets.

Its runway length and facilities will allow for further growth in transportation and business development at Charlo Airport.