Pioneering Exceptional Hydrodynamic Solutions

Nautican is a marine propulsion company that engineers and manufactures hydrodynamic solutions, including patented Integrated Propulsion Units, High Efficiency Nozzles and Propellers, high aspect ratio Triple Rudders, Pre-Swirl Stators, and also Hydralift Skegs for barges. Our independently tested systems have been shown to increase power and maneuverability, while significantly reducing fuel use and maintenance needs.

For decades, we have manufactured ultra-reliable propulsion systems, using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques—and we continue to conduct research and develop new ways to improve efficiency and performance. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to understand their operational needs and identify the best solutions for their fleet.


Nautican was founded in 1972 by Josip Gruzling – a professional engineer and pioneer in the use of hydrofoils to increase the efficiency of tugs and barges. For more than 40 years Nautican has been conducting groundbreaking research in hydrodynamics, naval architecture, and computing, which has resulted in the highest quality systems on the market today. Nautican holds nine patents for their innovative designs.

In 2003, Nautican developed the Integrated Propulsion Unit, which combines the High Efficiency Nozzle, Triple Rudders, Stators, and Propeller in a fully assembled, ready-to-install unit. The first application was on a retrofit of Northern Transportation’s tug, Edgar Kotokak.

In 2013, industry veteran Elizabeth Boyd – a naval architect and engineer who has worked with many of the marine service industry’s top providers – purchased Nautican. Under her leadership the company has expanded, reaching into new markets and greatly increasing annual sales. While the company has evolved, Nautican remains dedicated to researching, developing and perfecting hydrodynamic solutions for the marine industry.


Our mission is to engineer the highest quality marine propulsion systems with the most impressive return on investment—then to make them even better. We listen to, and learn from our customers every day and deliver on our promise of improved efficiency, performance and reliability.