Seaformatics Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures power harvesting and wireless communication products for the ocean monitoring industry. We’re working hard to enable low cost, reliable, real time and long term subsurface monitoring of oceans, rivers and lakes.

Our products and expertise are the result of a multidisciplinary Research and Development project at Memorial University of Newfoundland which began in 2007 with funding provided by ACOA (AIF Program) and a number of other organizations. The resultant technologies incorporate

  • a patented water turbine that harvests power from ocean currents,
  • a sensor interface subsystem for data collection and storage,
  • an acoustic modem that enables data communications between units, surface buoys and cellular/satellite network, and
  • a release mechanism for recovery.

Prototypes have been successfully tested in the lab, flume tank, and for over 1400 days in real world field environments. In total, approximately $4 Million has been invested on the development and testing of Seaformatics technologies.