Solace Power ™ is a developer of leading edge technology for wireless power delivery. With Solace’s wireless power system, you are no longer dependent on a physical connection for powering or recharging electronics. Solace Power™ technology is truly wireless – it is not contact-based technology, and doesn't require special/precise orientation or alignment to work. No cords. No charging pads. Only wire-free power.

The primary goal of Solace is to reduce the burden of installing, maintaining or carrying power cables by delivering power wirelessly and efficiently.

There are many varying applications for wireless power in defence and aerospace environments, whether it is relieving infantrymen that typically carry several pounds of extra batteries for their electronics, or for simplification of power systems on space shuttles. This technology can also be applied to first responders, search and rescue organizations, and commercial entities. Applications in the non-military market include charging and powering consumer electronics and a wide variety of Electric Vehicles (EV) from bicycles to automobiles.