Boeing has completed a new milestone for the CH-47 Chinook helicopter trainer following integration of Boeing’s cockpit training simulator with Bluedrop‘s fuselage.

Bluedrop and Boeing also tested the CH-47 Chinook helicopter Rear Crew Trainer to achieve a complete wireless virtual reality training system, Bluedrop said Wednesday.

The fuselage is a component of a mock-up of the Chinook helicopter Bluedrop built and installed in its training and simulation center facility in Halifax, Canada.

Roger Schallom, Boeing senior manager of the Americas for international strategic partnerships, said the company designed the training environment to help service members operate Chinook and maintain their safety.

Bluedrop kicked off the initial development phase of the trainer in 2015 using the $2 million cash funding from Boeing.

The trainer is scheduled for a full demonstration by the end of 2016 following and Boeing is set to deliver the system in early 2017.