Halifax, N.S.

Charles Richer, Chair of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association issued the following statement further to the June 7th, 2017 release of Canada’s new Defence Policy – STRONG, SECURE, ENGAGED.

“ACADA congratulates The Government of Canada, the Department of National Defence and the Advisory panel for their commitment to extensive consultations culminating in the delivery of this key policy program. With long-term capability investments, such as the 15 Canadian Surface Combatants, LAV upgrades, LVM program and 88 advanced fighter aircraft, the increase in funding serves as a meaningful opportunity for new investments to provide jobs and benefits to Atlantic Canadians. In addition, this new policy aims to better look after the members and their families by increasing support to Family Resource Centres across Canada as well as aiding veterans transitioning back into service from injuries/illness or retiring from the CAF.”

“The policy update has assumed a more assertive posture in the cyber domain, thus creating an avenue of advancement for the Atlantic regions industry” said Mr. Richer. “The defence policy’s new Innovation for Defence and Security (IDEaS) Program creates new capital investments that allow the government to work in partnership with Canadian Industry, including our Region to develop new capabilities in the Aerospace and Defence Sector.”

“I commend all of those who participated in this process and look forward to the future.”

About ACADA:

The Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (ACADA) is a non-profit member-focused industry organization representing over 200 plus aerospace (commercial and non-commercial), defence, security and marine firms. Its Mission is to advance the growth and development of the sectors by providing unified leadership, advocacy and valuable member services. ACADA’s activities are made possible in part by support from the Government of Canada, through ACOA.