SayleGroup is pleased to announce their Cannabis & Workplace Safety Online Course has been approved and endorsed by the Professional Security Knowledge Network (PSKN).  Please review the PSKN's official press release below.

For Immediate Release

NEW PARTNERSHIP BRINGS AWARD WINNING CANNABIS AND WORKPLACE SAFETY COURSE TO CANADIAN EMPLOYERS Charlottetown, July 18, 2018: The Professional Security Knowledge Network (PSKN) is excited to announce its partnership with the SayleGroup Inc., in offering Canadian Employers and employees with and award-winning online course – Cannabis (Marijuana) Legislation: Impact on Workplace Safety -  that will provide employers and OHS committees with important information and considerations for workplace policies in advance of cannabis legalisation on October 17, 2018.

According to Statistics Canada Cannabis Stats Hub, just over 12% of Canadians reported using Cannabis in a 12-month period. 42% of Canadians have reported using Cannabis in their lifetime. While many workplaces have “zero-tolerance” policies, legalization changes the Canadian landscape and will impact all employers. There will be new considerations for workplace Health and Safety policies.

This award winning course: Cannabis (Marijuana) Legislation: Impact on Workplace Safety, will give employers, managers and employees a comprehensive look at the top issues facing your workforce and allow you to prepare and educate your workforce before October 17, including:

This cost-effective, user-friendly online course sets a baseline about what we currently know about the issue, and maybe even more importantly, what is still being studied.

This course will allow organizations to:

The competencies outlined above are assessed through our Learning Management System and those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of achievement.

Through our partnership with SayleGroup, we are equipping employers and their workforce with the information necessary to prevent costly misunderstandings resulting in legal actions, or even worse, workplace incidents and injuries.

Safety Culture is about doing what’s right to ensure everyone works safe and stays safe.  Safety Culture is more than simply following the law, it is the way we behave when no one is watching.

Everyone wants to go to work, do their job well and get home safe.


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