The Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (ACADA) invites suitably qualified

consultancy firms (Consultants) to respond to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of:

  1. Support services related to a mission to Euronaval 2018 to include general market intelligence;
  2. One-on-one consultation with participating firms; and
  3. Training to improve company messaging (“Elevator Pitches”) for this particular market.

The mission to Euronaval is the first project undertaken as part of the Aerospace and Defence

sector plan developed as part of the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy (ATIGS).

Some of the goals associated with ATIGS include increasing and diversifying exports from the

Atlantic region. The role of the successful applicant will be to:

  • Help participating firms better prepare for this international trade show by providing

specific market intelligence related to naval defence;

  • Provide one-on-one support to help firms understand their value proposition and

potential opportunities in the value chain of this particular market segment; and

  • Help firms to refine their messaging such that they are best able to articulate their value proposition in this environment.

It is estimated that there will be 12-15 firms participating in this mission, but not all of the

participants will require direct one-on-one support. This request for support does not include

participation at, or travel to the event.