Bluedrop Training & Simulation’s Rescue Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) is a fully immersive virtual training device for mission-specific hoisting operations. Complete with a world database, real-time rendering of detailed visual cues, realistic sea states, and movement of wind over a multitude of scenarios, the user will feel completely immersed in the virtual environment. The enhanced training system increases readiness in aircrews, provides varying environmental scenarios and can be configured to replicate any hour of the day. Trainees can work with a variety of operations and the simulation covers training in all terrain types including ocean, coastal regions, mountainous terrain and various other terrains such as jungle or Boreal forest.

The rescue hoist training system allows the trainee to practice mission critical skills in a safe, true-to-life environment. Trainees practice realistic rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios complete with realistic cable behaviour that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs.

Bluedrop used virtual reality (VR) helmet mounted displays (HMDs) to provide rescue operation visuals, and an actual moving hoist cable as a control and haptic feedback system. The mission trainer uses VR technologies and real-time body tracking to provide a complete collective and mission training environment and are capable of integration with any flight training device. In addition, as the trainers use virtual technologies, they are easily reconfigurable to different helicopter types.

Bluedrop has recognised that while training methodologies are very structured in the defence and aerospace domain, it is extremely important to adopt disruptive technologies to ensure that training remains interesting and motivating while keeping in mind that proficiency and operational competencies are key to maintain a high level of operational readiness.