“This boat is the first custom-built, state-of-the-art boat for the CBSA (in Atlantic Canada),” said Johanne Charest, director for the Newfoundland-Labrador and Nova Scotia district.

Before this, all operations conducted by CBSA in Atlantic waters required vessels rented from private companies.

“Our boat can carry a crew of 10 officers,” said Chris Lorenz, regional director general for the CBSA Atlantic region. “This boat will make our job of vessel checks and verifications much more efficient, and will be used for both commercial and small vessels.”

In addition to crew transport and vessel checks, agents can launch remotely operated vehicles from it.

The boat launch comes a day after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tabled Bill C-98 to create the Public Complaints and Review Commission, a new external oversight body for both the CBSA and RCMP.

“Oversight is a good thing as far as us doing our work,” said Lorenz. “I think it’ll give us a close and better position to explain to Canadians what we do and how we do it.”