Women in Aerospace Canada (WIA-Canada) Atlantic is pleased to announce Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems (UEMS) as our first ever Founding Corporate Member.
Funding provided through this Corporate Membership demonstrates Ultra’s commitment to the advancement of women in the Aerospace & Defence sector, and is a testament to the company’s exemplary level of Corporate Social Responsibility and focus on workplace gender and diversity initiatives.  The funding will support ongoing activities with WIA-Canada Atlantic to promote and advance careers for women in this industry. 
“Women in Aerospace Canada Atlantic is elated to welcome Ultra MS as our inaugural Founding Corporate Member,” said Eva Martinez, who as Vice-President of WIA-Canada heads the efforts of the organization in Atlantic Canada. “This contribution will play a pivotal role in helping WIA-Canada Atlantic achieve its objectives in the region and raise awareness for the development of Gender and Diversity Plans in support of future defence procurements.”
Bernard Mills, President Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems noted “Canada is undertaking an unprecedented modernization of its defense capability, which in turn requires of all of us across industry to ensure we are engaging the best minds and talent to meet this challenge. Championing gender diversity and other forms of inclusiveness is therefore critical to our growth in the years ahead. Ultra could not be prouder of our partnership with Women in Aerospace Canada Atlantic, and equally of the strong, talented women who are taking up leadership roles through multiple functions across our own organization”.


Women in Aerospace Canada is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and professional development as well as increasing their visibility in the aerospace community by creating a professional network in Canada and around the globe.  Established in 2012, our objectives include: 

  • Identify, foster and promote the interests and professional development of women working in the aerospace industry and other related sectors.
  • To be a networking platform for women and men in the aerospace industry and other sector areas related to aerospace.
  • Advance aerospace education for women in schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Develop alliances with aerospace associations (provincially, federally and internationally) and other relevant associations across Canada and globally.

The Atlantic arm of WIA-Canada was established in 2015. For more information, please visit www.wia-canada.org  



Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc. (UEMS) is an international leader in the development of equipment and systems for undersea surveillance and anti-submarine warfare (ASW).  Established in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1947, UEMS delivers sophisticated sonar systems to navies around the world including Multi-static Active Passive Sonar for the Dutch Navy, an Integrated Sonar Suite for the Royal Australian Navy, and the Surface Ship Torpedo Defence System for the Royal Navy.  UEMS provides unique engineering, development, manufacturing, test, evaluation, and management capabilities to develop and deliver advanced electronic, electromechanical, and underwater sensor systems. For more information, please visit www.ultra-ms.com