This note is to make all clients and partners aware of an important development about one of CyberNB’s key programs for business.

We are pleased to say that the Government of Canada has launched CyberSecure Canada, a voluntary national program designed to help small and medium-sized businesses get the necessary tools to better manage cyber threats.

As this new federal program’s mandate is very similar to that of CyberNB’s Cyber Essentials Canada program, we are pleased to tell you that CyberNB has successfully negotiated an agreement with the federal government to fold our program into the new Government of Canada program over the next two years.

This transition will be completed without any down side for Cyber Essentials participants or its business community.

The most important thing is that Canadian businesses will still have access to the tools to manage and defend themselves against cyber attacks. We have full confidence in the federal program, a key part of the Federal Government’s broader National Cyber Security Strategy and appreciate that it will allow CyberNB to reallocate its resources from the Cyber Essentials Canada program to other services to support cybersecurity.

It’s also important to note the following: 

  • Canadian businesses that have already been certified through the Cyber Essentials Canada program have been informed that their certifications will be valid until its expiry date.
  • Businesses that were already in the process of obtaining or renewing Cyber Essentials Canada certification may continue, as long as certification is achieved before December 31st 2020.
  • In all cases, the expiry dates on certifications will not change.

For businesses that were planning to get new or renewed certification through Cyber Essentials Canada, or for more information about the federal program, please contact CyberSecure Canada at

It’s important to note that despite this development, CyberNB still very much exists and we will continue to offer all our other programs and services.

We are also very proud that New Brunswick was the first jurisdiction in Canada with a program designed to helps SMEs manage cyber threats and provided all certified Canadian businesses with a competitive advantage and their customers with greater confidence when doing business online.

The importance of online security can’t be overstated.

Canadians recognize that there are many benefits associated with the new digital world, but that there are also new challenges, including cyber threats.

We need to be able to rely on the integrity, authenticity and security of our online services so that we feel safe and so that our economy can reap the full rewards of the digital world. Taking the proper steps to enhance cyber security can help prevent financial losses, keep valuable intellectual property safe, and protect the privacy of both consumers and businesses.

Thank you for your interest in supporting digital safety and making this transition as easy as possible for everyone!