HALIFAX, Nova Scotia—September 17, 2020 —Global Spatial Technology Solutions (“GSTS” or “the Company”) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Maritime Analytics company announced today that it has been selected by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to demonstrate OCIANA™, the company’s Maritime Information Management platform. GSTS will leverage OCIANA’s robust risk management capabilities to support maritime risk mitigation. This project is funded under ISED’s Innovative Solutions Canada program.

This contract award will enable the Department of National Defence to test OCIANA™, an AI-based Maritime Information Management platform. OCIANA™ will boost situational awareness by conducting global vessel risk analysis. Providing a complete and robust operational picture of the maritime domain, OCIANA™ rapidly identifies maritime risks and enables security personnel to coordinate, allocate resources, and take effective action during crises.

“Protecting all of Canada’s maritime approaches and points of entry, from coast to coast to coast, OCIANA’s maritime AI-based risk management capabilities will support real-time decision-making and response capabilities,” said Richard Kolacz, GSTS CEO. “This contract provides an opportunity to also demonstrate OCIANA’s unique dynamic risk management feature which allows users to select the threat parameters to meet their specific application—security, environmental, commercial, or health risks, enabling users to more effectively conduct focussed maritime operations. In this case, we have developed a unique AI solution to support the identification of vessels representing a potential COVID-19 risk in addition to the security risk parameters. This capability can be readily adapted to all maritime nations as well as port locations around the world to help mitigate a range of maritime risks including the control of the spread of COVID-19.”

OCIANA™ is an AI platform that integrates and processes space and terrestrial data sets related to ocean, weather, and marine activity, providing real-time decision-making information for the maritime sector. Optimizing performance and reducing costs throughout the logistics chain, OCIANA™ provides enhanced maritime situational awareness, risk assessment, and vessel management capabilities to clients worldwide.

About GSTS

GSTS is a leader in Artificial Intelligence solutions for the maritime domain. Our solutions are designed to save lives, energy, and the environment on a global scale through the use of innovative applications based on emerging data sets and analytics. Our solutions enable enhanced decision-based operations for civil, commercial, and security agencies and industries. For more information, visit www.gsts.ca.

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