A local electric aviation startup is developing an environmentally friendly innovative electric motor for use in the aerospace and defence industry.

DuXion Motors Inc., located in St. John’s, is an advanced motor design company, developing electric propulsion systems for aircraft and marine vessels. Through its research and development, and patent pending technology, the company created a unique electric motor design that replaces a jet engine with an electric ducted fan, resulting in comparable thrust, zero GHG emissions and a 90 per cent reduction maintenance cost.

The Provincial Government contributed a non-repayable $342,725 to allow DuXion to expand its research and development for testing and demonstration of its 1:3 scale electric jet motor prototype. The successful development and testing of this prototype will bring the company one-step closer to commercializing its design. Once commercialized, this unique system has the potential to reduce costs, and help protect the environment by eliminating harmful emissions.

Investments in our tech and innovation sector mean more jobs and a stronger economy for our province.


“This innovative project by DuXion is gaining significant interest and creating discussion throughout the aviation community. We are pleased to support this project, and to help accelerate the great research and development work already on going. This unique electric motor design will create a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for aerospace and defence companies all over the world.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology

“We are honored that our project is being supported by Industry, Energy and Technology. This project showcases that Newfoundland and Labrador companies are hard at work on the forefront of innovation and we are excited to be part of a sustainable future in electric transportation. Together with our funding partners, we are looking forward to demonstrating this cutting-edge technology and creating a product that will help achieve greater efficiency, significantly decrease emissions, and save maintenance costs. At DuXion, we understand how important it is to play our part today in developing the new technologies needed for tomorrow and are grateful to be supported in this Electric Jet Project.”
Rick Pilgrim
DuXion Motors Inc.

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