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Datifex wins COVE’s Digital Dockyard Naval Technology Innovation Challenge

Published: June 12, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia – June 12, 2023 – Datifex is proud to announce that it has won the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) Digital Dockyard Naval Technology Innovation Challenge. This competitive process recognizes the DigitalDockyard™ capability of Datifex’s SeaREADY™ platform, which consolidates data and controls into a single, real-time unified 3D virtual environment accessible via Chrome for the next generation of situational awareness, and command and control.

In response to the challenge set by COVE and Thales, Datifex has provided an innovative solution to manage the dynamic and complex environment of a naval dockyard. DigitalDockyard™ facilitates the coordination of activities in a proactive, collaborative way, optimizing resource allocation, and meeting the day-to-dayoperational needs which can fluctuate considerably.

DigitalDockyard™, a key component of the SeaREADY™ platform, is an Engagement System that digitally transforms the safety and efficiency of Canadian naval dockyards and commercial ports. By connecting data from any source into a 3D virtual environment, SeaREADY™ gives users the ability to manage complex assets and operations all in a single pane of glass.

The goal of the contract that has been awarded as a result of winning the challenge is to help Thales play a leadership role in the digital transformation of naval dockyards, specifically in the context of the AJISS program.

Datifex has a track record of innovation with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and has completed multiple Innovative Solutions Canada contracts with departments that include Naval Materiel Technology Management (NMTM), Naval Training Development Centre (Pacific), and the Director General Maritime Equipment Program Management (DGMEPM).

Datifex looks forward to working with both COVE and Thales to apply the DigitalDockyard™ capability of Datifex’s SeaREADY™ platform to help improve the safety and efficiency of naval dockyards, starting right here in Halifax harbour.

Comments on the Project
Chris Pogue, CEO, Thales Canada
“We look forward to extending our commitment to Atlantic Canada and to working with the Challenge winners to deliver new capability and trusted solutions to the RCN. Together, we can digitally transform naval in-service support, and cultivate engagements built on performance and trust to propel the Navy’s innovation agenda forward.”

Chris Erickson, CEO, Datifex
The COVE challenge is an excellent example of the Canadianinnovation ecosystem supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in their growth,both within Canada and internationally. Datifex looks forward to collaboratingwith Thales and COVE in the digitalization of operational support for Canadiannaval dockyards and commercial ports. The DigitalDockyard™ capability of ourSeaREADY™ platform will consolidate data and controls into a single, real-timeunified 3D virtual environment for the next generation of situational awarenessand command and control.