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Kognitiv Spark Unveils KognitivU: Empowering Client Success through Mixed Reality Adoption

Published: October 23, 2023

Fredericton, NB, 23 October 2023 – Kognitiv Spark, the global leader in mixed reality-based performance support tools, is excited to introduce KognitivU, a comprehensive collection of self-paced courses meticulously designed to enhance proficiency for users of RemoteSpark™.

With a focus on user experience, KognitivU presents a modular program, thoughtfully structured to accelerate onboarding and seamless integration of RemoteSpark, Kognitiv Spark’s flagship product. Hosted on a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), these modules cater to a wide spectrum of expertise, ranging from fundamental usage to advanced levels, ensuring a flexible learning path for users of all backgrounds.

Said Ryan Groom, Co-Founder and CTO at Kognitiv Spark: “KognitivU embodies the knowledge and energy of our Customer Success Team and extends it to customers and partners as they adopt and scale RemoteSpark in their organizations.

The development of a program like KognitivU not only underscores the remarkable growth of our company but also the entire industrial mixed reality sector. Our dedication to creating a customized, self-paced onboarding solution that bolsters user adoption and scalability for our clients stands as a testament to how Kognitiv Spark sets itself apart from industry competitors,” said Yan Simard, CEO, Kognitiv Spark.

KognitivU will be accessible to all RemoteSpark clients, whether they’re long-standing partners or newcomers. Existing clients can anticipate personalized guidance from our dedicated Kognitiv Spark Customer Service team, who will provide insights on maximizing this valuable resource. For new clients, onboarding to KognitivU will seamlessly align with the adoption process, ensuring a smooth transition into the mixed reality ecosystem.

About Kognitiv Spark

Founded in 2016, Kognitiv Spark is a global technology company and a Microsoft MRPP Gold Partner, renowned for its expertise in applying Mixed Reality (MR) securely, reliably, and in network-agnostic ways within industrial settings.

At the core of its offerings stands RemoteSpark™, a user-centric MR performance support tool tailored for field workers. RemoteSpark™ seamlessly bridges the physical and digital realms, empowering workers with a hands-free environment to instantly access 2D and 3D holographic resources. This support enhances task execution, operational efficiency, training, and digital transformation in an independent and autonomous fashion. Furthermore, RemoteSpark™ enables users to establish secure, low-bandwidth video and audio connections with subject experts, all underpinned by robust security infrastructure.

Kognitiv Spark’s mission is to empower workforces to achieve more, operate confidently, and resolve issues swiftly, safely, and accurately, on the first attempt, every time. They provide support to a global network of clients and partners spanning manufacturing, defense, marine, energy, and various other industrial sectors. For more information, please visit