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Virtual Marine Introduces New Mobile Training Solution for First Responders and Recreational Boaters

Published: February 28, 2024

Paradise, NL-based Virtual Marine, will announce a new partnership with The Amphibious Response Support Unit ONE (ARSU-1) out of Echo Valley, Saskatchewan. The project will be unveiled at the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation’s 71st Annual Sports and Leisure Show happening March 1 and 2 at Prairieland Park. Virtual Marine’s Fast Rescue Boat will be on the ground in Saskatchewan, housed in a Recreational Vehicle (R.V.) of ARSU-1s. Coined “Mobile Marine”, this simulator on wheels will be accessible rescue boat training to first responders and recreational boaters in need in the Saskatchewan area.

In a departure from its traditional training methodologies, this collaboration between Virtual Marine and ARSU-1 offers an unconventional approach to first responder training and boating safety courses. By integrating Virtual Marine’s state-of-the-art simulation technology with ARSU-1 Training’s innovative instructional techniques, this partnership aims to redefine the standard of excellence in maritime safety education.

The Mobile Marine project is driven by a shared commitment to delivering training experiences that are not only effective but engaging and immersive. Leveraging Virtual Marine’s cutting-edge simulation technology, participants will have the opportunity to experience real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, allowing them to develop critical decision-making skills and enhance their situational awareness.

“At Virtual Marine, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of maritime safety training through innovation and collaboration,” said Frocy Labrador, Training Solutions Manager of Virtual Marine. “Our partnership with ARSU-1 Training represents an exciting opportunity to expand our reach into the first responder community and deliver impactful training solutions that save lives.”

Captain Anthony Patterson, Managing Director of Virtual Marine said of the partnership “We are excited to collaborate with ARSU on this project, we share a common goal, aiming for the utmost safety and excellence in providing safety training for the people of Saskatchewan. Operating in this market is truly gratifying, and ARSU has proven to be an excellent and valued partner for us. John’s commitment and expertise has been admirable and Virtual Marine looks forward to future endeavors with ARSU-1.”

“ARSU-1 has taken on a role to provide specialist training for marine operations which is hosted in Saskatchewan’s first water rescue base and training center that opened its doors in the summer of 2023, becoming the first ever facility in the province which is dedicated to marine safety and response. Through research on the subject, the answer was quite clear – Virtual Marine – simulation based training. As global leaders their knowledge and experience in this field was superior, with a proven global track record in the marine safety training sector and so began our partnership.” Said ARSU-1’s Director of Operations, John Maczko

From search and rescue operations to maritime firefighting and boating safety courses, this partnership between Virtual Marine and ARSU Training promises to revolutionize the way first responders and boaters are trained. By incorporating insights gained from decades of teaching experience and leveraging the latest advancements in simulation technology, they are poised to set a new standard of excellence in maritime safety education.