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Call For Ideas/Proposals – Cyberspace Experimentation

Last Updated: Feb 10th, 2023

In order to drive Cyberspace warfare and capability development, ACT Cyberspace Branch coordinates annually a Cyberspace experimentation campaign, which is often conducted as part of Cyber Coalition Exercise (i.e. November/December timeframe).

This Cyberspace experimentation campaign aims to test and validate concepts, capture requirements and explore Emerging & Disruptive Technologies (EDTs), in support of military operators and commanders.

Experiment results feed transformational concepts and capability development products such as Operational Requirement Statements (ORS), Capability Requirement Briefs (CRBs), Capability Programme Plans (CPP), and the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP), to name a few.

This effort is led by ACT but involves a wide variety of stakeholders from NATO organizations, Nations, Industry and Academia. In other words, collaboration is key.

As we kick-off the 2023 Cyberspace experimentation campaign planning cycle, we are reaching out to your organization to see if you have any proposals/initiatives/products that could inform the 2023 experimentation campaign and beyond (2024-2026), potentially leading to collaboration opportunities.

Such collaboration can provide you with a venue for experimentation (notably during Cyber Coalition Exercise) and access to NATO cyber range capabilities. It can also offer engagement opportunities with operational communities, and a chance to participate in a development contract, where NATO supports upscaling existing capabilities in support of their adaptation to specific NATO needs.

As you know, while Cybersecurity aspects at technical level are more mature and understood, operational-level considerations to fully implement the Cyberspace domain need further work and development in terms of concepts and capabilities.

Therefore, ACT is not considering at this time cyber-security/CIS security topics for the Cyberspace experimentation campaign but is seeking instead cyberspace operations topics relevant for operators/commanders at mission-level – such topic areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Cyberspace Situational Awareness (CySA);
  • Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (CyISR);
  • Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCOs);
  • Cyberspace Command & Control (C2);
  • Integration of CIV-MIL coordination & cooperation;
  • Cyber contribution to Multi-Domain Operations (MDOs);
  • Use of AI to inform decision-making;
  • Cyber contribution to cognitive warfare.

If your organization has any proposals/initiatives/products related to those topic areas that would benefit from an experiment, we look forward to hearing from you (a short description of the idea would suffice to initiate the conversation).

Feel free to further disseminate this request within your organization, as appropriate.


Antoine LANDRY
Cyberspace Federation and Partnership SME
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