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NATO-Industry Forum 2021

The NATO-INDUSTRY FORUM 2021 (NIF21) is co-organised by Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and the International Staff, Defence Investment Division (IS/DI) and will be hosted by Italy, in Rome, 17-18 November 2021. The NIF21 will take place in the context of allied nations deliberating over the Alliance’s new Strategic Concept, which will shape the direction of travel for NATO over the next decade.

In the run up to this critical engagement with industry ACT and IS/DI are pleased to announce they will be hosting a webinar, NIF Linked 2, on 9 September 2021 (0800 – 1130 EST / 1400 -1730 CET).

NIF Linked 2 aims to build on the success of the NIF Linked webinar held on 20 May 2021. The discussions will draw from a broad range of papers received from industry and will focus on three crucial topics that NATO and nations should explore in order to maintain a capability edge and to be able to successfully shape, contest and fight in the ever evolving geo-strategic environment.

The webinar will cover:

  • The exploitation of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies – What elements shall Allies use for data driven decision-making?
  • Flexibility, Adaptability and Agility of Data Mobility – What are the immediate, and long term, impacts of data mobility on warfighting?
  • Innovating for Multi-Domain Operations – What solutions could lead to Multi Domain Operations superiority?