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Founded in 1947, ABCO has grown from a general fabrication company servicing the needs of the local fishery, to an original equipment manufacturer supplying the globe across 4 distinct divisions with engineered metal solutions – Food Machinery Group, Marine Group, Environmental Group, Industrial Group. ABCO is located on the waterfront of Lunenburg, Canada, a short distance from one of Canada’s largest international shipping ports. ABCO employs about 80 people across several fields including, but not limited to, finance, engineering, sales, administrative, and fabricators.

The Food Machinery Group has proprietary technologies that have made ABCO a forerunner in the thermal blanching of vegetables. The ABCO Heat & Hold Blancher is the steam blancher of choice for companies in over 45 countries. ABCO produces a Rehydration system for various food products that is popular in areas around the world as the system replaces water intensive processes with a net zero water effluent solution. Coolers, fresh vegetable washers, dry powder handling & mixing systems, and various other conveyance systems round out the food processing offerings.

The Marine Group produces fully welded aluminum boats for various industries including regulatory, policing, Coast Guard, national defense, fishing, pleasure, research, and others. ABCO has been building quality, safe workboats for over 30 years. Aluminum vessels under 70 feet c/w internal combustion engines have traditionally been ABCO’s specialty, but as the world moves to a more sustainable model, ABCO intends to keep pace by launching various electrically powered boats.

The Environmental Group is focused on supplying water reclamation solutions in the form of equipment such as dewatering trucks.

The Industrial Group is the area of the company where custom jobs are built. The full service engineering department at ABCO has decades of experience in providing custom engineered solutions for our Atlantic Canada industrial customers.

The value that ABCO strives to provide to our global customers is that of sustainability and environmental stewardship. ABCO continues to focus on growth and innovation through investment in people and the diversification of product lines as the industry moves to renewable systems.