This program offers customized human resource solutions for your A&D business!

We know our members are facing significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent. In a rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive labour market, we have created this program to help our members stay up-to-date, competitive, and effective.

We have partnered with expert consultants and ACOA to deliver funding for project implementation.

The program is flexible, customizable, and can cover projects like:

  • Policy development or review
  • Training or workshops
  • Recruitment of a key role
  • Recruitment and selection strategies
  • Employee engagement
  • DEIB commitment statement
  • DEIB event calendar
  • Writing inclusive job ads
  • Onboarding processes
  • Measure culture and engagement

ACADA’s HR Essentials program will help your business attract and retain talent and – more importantly – build a workplace culture where your employees can thrive.

Here’s how it works:
1. Watch the webinars to get ideas about projects you may want to work on.
2. Apply to the program of your choice – it only takes a couple minutes!
3. We’ll be in touch as we approve applications.
  • Once we approve your application, we will introduce you to the expert consultant and you will meet to build a custom project for your A&D business.
  • There are limited spaces so, get your applications in as soon as possible! 
  • Projects must be finished by December 29, 2023.


Additional Information


Introduction: HR Fundamentals for SMEs

This foundational workshop sets the tone for the entire program – giving our members the latest in HR best practices.  

Led by the experts at eThree Consulting, this interactive two-hour workshop will use the employee cycle as a framework (Attract & Recruit, Onboard & Engage, Performance & Wellness, Reward, and Exit) to provide the latest in HR essentials for SMEs. Not an SME? No problem! Anyone who wants to learn the latest in best practice for HR will benefit, with learning for every size and type of organization to take away and implement in their business. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the legal requirements at each stage of the employee cycle to ensure your organization is compliant 
  • Understand current thinking and best practices within HR to mitigate people related risk and promote an effective workplace 
  • Understand how current trends are shaping people practices and areas to watch in the future 

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Course 1: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

DEIB starts with putting people first and looking at ways we engage, connect, and support your team. It is pivotal for each of us, and to every SME, to look at our people culture and how we do business. The goal of this workshop and funding is to create understanding about the fundamental concepts of DEIB in A&D workplaces and implement projects that will make a real difference to the health of your business.

DiversityNL will work with four SMEs, cost shared between ACADA and the selected members, to build a custom project, such as DEIB Policy Development, DEIB Commitment Statement, DEIB Education Series, Development of DEIB Calendar of Events, Other project deliverables discussed with individual SME.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Articulate the concepts of DEIB and actions that can be taken to increase DEIB in SMEs   
  • Explain why DEIB is needed in SMEs  
  • Recognize inclusive language and how to implement inclusive language in the workplace and through policy development 
  • Describe everyday steps that can be taken to create inclusive and respectful workplace cultures in SMEs  
  • Learn about DEIB trainings that support employee engagement in the workplace  
  • Identify Toolbox strategies for SMEs  
Click here to learn more about the course and our expert facilitator, Stephanie Howlett.  

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Course 2: Recruitment and Selection for Mid-Management and Senior-Management Talent 


Success in recruitment and selection starts with a comprehensive understanding of up-to-date best practice within the talent acquisition process. We aim to equip members with enough information to question and fine-tune their own processes to elevate their reach, align what they need, and complement their current teams.

KBRS will work with five SMEs, cost shared between ACADA and the selected members, to recruit for one mid-management or senior-management role, including consulting to build an effective job ad and other supporting work to ensure you find the perfect candidate.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Understand the importance and role of recruitment and selection in today’s competitive talent market with specific focus on mid to senior level positions  
  • Identify key standard and new components within the process, become aware of up-to-date approaches, strategies and ‘what not to do’; these learnings can be applied to participant’s own unique organizational requirements in alignment with their strategy and culture 
  • Elevated awareness specific to sourcing, assessing, interviewing, evaluation, offer and onboarding to assist in the development of recruitment and selection strategies inclusive of an EDI lens 
  • Comply with legal and ethical considerations within the process
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Course 3: Retention and Workplace Culture

In a competitive labour market, it has never been more important to understand your company’s culture and how that culture is contributing to your ability to recruit and retain top talent (and impact your bottom line). We will build our collective understanding of culture through reflecting on our own history and what makes us great, exploring various world views, analyzing leading organizations, and describing our own barriers to an optimum culture.

Click here to learn more about the workshop and to register to attend live on September 20. Applications for funding will open immediately after the workshop is delivered.

Learning Outcomes: 

    • Understand organizational culture and how it relates to performance 
    • Explore the role leaders play in organizational culture 
    • Describe practical steps that can be taken to improve culture and employee retention 
    • Create a retention strategy for your workplace   

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