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Recruitment and Selection for Mid-Management and Senior-Management Talent with KBRS

The Recruitment and Selection Fundamentals course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the up-to-date best practice within the talent acquisition process. The course covers the key concepts, principles, and strategies involved in the recruitment and selection process, inclusive of EDI principles, equipping participants with enough information to question and fine-tune their own processes to elevate their reach, volume of quality candidates and the selection of the right candidate to align with who they are, what they need and complement their current teams.


  • Understanding the talent you need for success
  • Sourcing Strategies for diverse, qualified talent pools
  • Candidate assessment techniques
  • Interviewing best practice options
  • Legal and ethical considerations in recruitment and selection, ensuring fairness, equal opportunity and diversity, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance and role of recruitment and selection in today’s competitive talent market with specific focus on mid to senior level positions.
  • Identify key standard and new components within the process, become aware of up-to-date approaches, strategies and ‘what not to do’; these learnings can be applied to participant’s own unique organizational requirements in alignment with their strategy and culture.
  • Elevated awareness specific to sourcing, assessing, interviewing, evaluation, offer and onboarding to assist in the development of recruitment and selection strategies inclusive of an EDI lens.
  • Comply with legal and ethical considerations within the process.

Our Expert Facilitator:

Heather Peters, PCC, MER, IPMA-ACP
Senior Associate, KBRS

An energetic and engaging facilitator, solutions-driven consultant, and insightful leadership coach, Heather has helped thousands of leaders and professionals create engaging, inclusive, and impactful teams and leaders to elevate results in Canada and beyond. Heather focuses in all things leadership, team and HR, understanding what needs to happen for people success. She attributes this ability to over two decades in leadership, entrepreneurial and strategic HR roles in the insurance, IT, healthcare and financial industries. Heather has recruited hundreds of employees at mid and senior levels, works to help clients attract and retain talent and continues to support inclusive leadership and EDI centred processes and systems.

SME Pairings:

Each Course in the Program consists of a virtual learning session/workshop, followed by one-on-one consulting support provided by the Project Consultant. In this case, we are pairing KBRS with up to five (5) SMEs, cost-shared between ACADA and the selected members. To be eligible for consulting support, the applicant must either attend or view the workshop. Applications will open following course delivery on July 13, 2023.

Following delivery of the course on July 13, applications will be available and shared with our members via email, social, and our website.