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Aerotec Engines is one of Canada’s leading aircraft piston engine overhaul shops. Certified by Transport Canada (AMO #6-96) Aerotec keeps their clients flying all over world, from Canada to the Czech Republic and Australia. They service their clients from a facility in Beaverbank, Nova Scotia, which offers over 10,000 sq./ft. of workspace.

Aerotec was founded in 1996 by Jason Crowell, President and Director of Maintenance.Since then, Aerotec has undergone significant changes. In early 2007, we relocated to from YHZ to a new facility in Beaverbank, Nova Scotia, which offers obver 10,000 sq./ft. of workspace.

Principal Products/Services: Aerotec specializes in the overhaul and repair of Teledyne Continental Motors and Textron Lycoming piston engines. Typical services includes:

  • Engine overhauls, exchanges, and repairs
  • General Aircraft Recovery and Salvage
  • Prop-strike inspections
  • Contamination inspections IRAN inspections
  • Cylinder overhauls and repairs
  • Accessory overhauls and repairs;Engine testing
  • Custom built experimental engines
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Inspections
  • Pick-up and delivery, including international

Aerotec Engines supports numerous aircraft such as: Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, CubCrafters, Diamond Aircraft, and Piper Aircraft, Inc.

  • Transport Canada (AM0) #6-96