In the context of modern warfare, decision making by commanders in the field is hindered by information-overload and compressed timelines. StrobelTEK is developing advanced technologies to assist in decision making by providing real-time, high level situational awareness information in a manner that mitigates information overload. The StrobelTEK solution lies within the integration of a sophisticated set of technologies including advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, a novel Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) complete with docking station in conjunction with a suite of high performance sensors. StrobelTEK is breaking barriers resulting in confidence and trust on the part of the end-users of autonomous and artificial intelligence technologies.

At the core of this development effort is a novel UAV system that is comprised of a ducted-fan UAV, docking/charging station, and a sophisticated command and control architecture that enables the autonomous deployment of  a single or multiple UAVs capable or operating 24/7 in a cooperative manner. The system is capable of fully autonomous deployment (without human interaction), accomplishment of a mission, recovery, and charging. The ducted fan design makes the vehicle much safer to handle vs conventional drones, and the small size of the vehicle and docking station makes it ideal for mobile applications.

The UAV is always on standby, charged and ready to be deployed. With the push of a button, the lid of the docking station opens, and the UAV instantly takes-off to commence a predefined mission. The UAV will conduct the mission while providing a continuous stream of video or other defined data, without any interaction from an operator. An operator can choose to direct the UAV if he/she chooses, or activate different modes of autonomy, depending on the specific application. The result is real-time information that will improve decision making under compressed timelines.