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Cyber Catalyst provides employers with industry qualified technology professionals bringing the discipline and commitment of their military training, including the soft skills that define employee resilience, each having earned the Cyber Catalyst TechVet Candidate Skills Guarantee. Cyber Catalyst ensures that every qualifying military or ex-military member has the opportunity to add to their job-specific technical training and access to reskilling in order to meet the cyber security and secure software developement needs of the industry. Our emphasis is on microskilling and experiential learning in order to provide the job candidate a recognized skill level for the job they are applying to and the employer a short-cut to understanding the technical apptitude and soft skills level of the candidate.

Cyber Catalyst develops and delivers online, asynchronous, professor supported training that includes simulations, VR and AI applications to support adaptive learning and job readiness. Training partners include AWS Web Services, ISC2 and ISACA technology certification bodies, and Cisco and Fortinet cyber security academies.