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GALAXIA is a space computation company with a focus on the design and development of intelligent satellites edge compute platforms for space-based missions.

We are advancing real-time Earth Observation (EO) capabilities by building the next generation of satellites capable of powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.GALAXIA Mission Systems is developing hardware and software-defined satellite (SDS) technology, providing clients customized, pay-per-use, real-time data, and comprehensive system access to our platforms in space.

Founded in 2020 by CEO Arad Gharagozli, and operating out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, GALAXIA prides itself through its vision of making space access simple and affordable for all sizes of SMEs. Being a fully Canadian-based company, GALAXIA is the only enterprise in Atlantic Canada that is specializing in hardware and software-specific space platform solutions.

Through the creation of our cutting-edge, proprietary on-board computers (OBCs), to the integration of edge and cloud computing with our MÖBIUS Constellation platform, GALAXIA is paving the way for a more sustainable future in space and for all involved. By addressing the ever-evolving needs of next-generation Earth Observation, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are limitless.