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Simex Defence Inc. a procurement database of manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Simex can procure parts and equipment from these facilities to meet your delivery requirements at a competitive price structure.

Simex Defence Inc. offers you state of the art procurement and distribution services, tailored to meet the Canadian government supply standards. The system is geared to service both military and commercial needs. The strength of the system lies in its ability to source and locate hard-to-find items with minimum available information on individual part number. We are able to recognize, locate and automatically interchange millions of items and parts, and replace them with their corresponding (or identical) part number that is not available on public databases. We are continuously expanding our manufacturing database worldwide, adding and categorizing newly manufactured product items. Drawings, military specifications and part number listings are scanned and entered in the computer for them to be instantaneously accessible. We have a growing library of directories, catalogues, books, manuals and microfiches of suppliers, and we are connected to major on-line services through the Internet.

Simex Defence Inc. aims at providing superior service and support to our customers to meet their product specifications and delivery requirements at a competitive price structure.

We are an approved manufacturer, supplier and contractor to the Canadian Government, US Government, NATO, and major Defence OEMs. Our quality control system is approved to ISO9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 compliant
ITAR compliant
Registered in SAM (The System for Award Management)
Controlled Goods Registered

  • ISO 9001:2015