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When you invest in a marine galley / kitchen optimization plan by Smart Galley Designs, the end result will be an ergonomic, safe, smart, and efficient marine galley / kitchen.
We listen to what you want to achieve and develop a custom plan based on your kitchen facility layout and the placement of your equipment configuration. The question to be answered is whether the galley or kitchen is designed ergonomically, safe and optimized for your staff’s production effectiveness.
During our consultation, we will first learn about your business. Then we draw on our experienced team and industry expertise to create a custom drawing, complete with specs and budget costs.

How Galley / Kitchen Design Thinking Can Work for You:

Our team of design engineers analyzes the space available and listens to what you have developed in your operations experience as a vision of how your galley or kitchen operation should work in the future. We anchor our recommendations on configuration and equipment choices around your vision. Using the latest technology with a proven track record, our goal is to help you and your crew/staff in planning what equipment the team needs to store, cook, and serve safely and efficiently.
The biggest advantage we offer our clients is that we work for you and your best interests. We spec what is agreed on, based on our guiding principles.
On your behalf, we anchor our design recommendations on achieving the most gain in efficiency possible, and we do this by making your facility design work smart.

Design Process Creates a Custom Plan

Our galley / kitchen design processes are based on experience while respecting compliance with all regional and international marine vessel regulations.
When designing a galley / kitchen, guiding principles are used to ensure that key considerations are included in the client’s custom plan for execution.